Thursday’s No Office Holiday Party, now with free drinks!

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Oh. Hey boss, these are for my friend.

Your friends are busy this week fretting about what to wear to their fancy office party so their boss will think they’re just the right balance between prude and skank. But you’re not worried because your freelancing, work-from-home or otherwise cubicle-averse merry ass is coming to the No Office Holiday Party at Littlefield on Thursday! As if dancing, live-band-karaoke-ing and sexy Santa-ing wasn’t enough, we’ve now get some free drinks from our friends at Scoutmob! Plus, the hilarious Kurt Braunohler will be gathering stories about the worst thing a boss, coworker or client has ever done to you. Drunk stickin-it-to-the-man? Now THAT sounds like Christmas!

So not only is this party hosted by the mega-quadrumvirate of Brooklyn blogs that is us, Brooklyn Basedthe skint and Fucked in Park Slope, the Scoutmob folks will be circulating in the party with iPads for the first hour or so. You get a free drink ticket for the special holiday punch if you sign up for Scoutmob (and why wouldn’t you? It’s a free way to get discounts and free food from great restaurants throughout the city, without having to pay up front, unlike some other group deals sites). Even if you’re already part of the mob, you can get a free drink by bringing a friend who signs up. So get there early!

What else? Here’s everything you need to know!

No Office Holiday Party
presented by Brokelyn, Brooklyn Basedthe skint and Fucked in Park Slope
Littlefield, 622 Degraw St., Gowanus
$5 Cover

Spiked holiday punch ($3 for the first hour, $5 after)
Hot Santa Shootbooth photobooth
Secret Santa gifts (A spine-cracked copy of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, homemade cookies or a box of Entemann’s are all game — you just gotta bring something to get a gift, too)
The comedy stylings of Kurt Braunohler
Bunnie England + The New Originals perform an hour of live band karaoke
DJ Colleen Crumbcake of popshop DJs bring a dance party of soul, funk, new wave and hip hop classics.

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