Through Thursday: killer sale on Dolce Vita shoes

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Normally $53, now $39.75.

I’ve been a little gun shy about posting sales because y’all are a tough crowd when it comes to deals, especially that gal who accused us of writing too often about “mink on sale.” But I’m willing to weather the slings and arrows with this one. Through Thursday, Dolce Vita, one of my favorite shoe-shopping sites, has 25 percent off all styles, some of which are crazy cheap to begin with (check out the “DV” line). Plus they’re offering free shipping and no tax. So these “Dori” flats, pictured, are just $39.75 delivery included, and they’re not even final sale. The site doesn’t say what they’re made of, so it’s probably “vegan leather” or some BS like that. There are lots of others but they cost more and you’re going to have to find them yourself because I don’t want to catch hell for writing about them. (But if you buy any of them, please feel free to confess in the comments!)

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  1. I bought some pretty cool knock-offs from Old Navy. They’re black, and about $12 less than these shoes…

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