Three more ways to save at the gym, if you’re still waiting to go

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Prices at Brooklyn Boulders won’t drive you up a wall if you commit for a year. via Facebook

So you’ve totally been meaning to go the gym and work on that weight loss resolution. And even better, you had a few cheap places picked out. But now for whatever reason, you still haven’t made it out there, even though January is halfway over. Fortunately for you, your procrastinating may have paid off, since Tim Donnelly, over at the Post, found some ways to break gyms down so you can pump up for cheap.

Have you tried playing the waiting game until the very end of the month? Go in the last day or two, and you could catch a salesman desperate to meet his quota for the month. Suddenly, you’re in the driver’s seat setting the elliptical speed.

Or, you could be a model, since some gyms offer a model discount. Not actually a model but think you’re attractive enough? Throw a fake portfolio together, wear something tight and go convince them they’d be crazy to let you work out somewhere else.

Finally, do what you can’t do with a romantic partner, and make a commitment. It’s scary, yes, and it involves a lot of time and energy, but at a place like Brooklyn Boulders you can save almost $400 if you commit for the year. And unlike a relationship, breaking this off early only hurts you, so stay focused.

He found a bunch of other good tips, so be sure to check’em out. And remember: working out sucks, but it’s still better than a resolution like Drynuary.

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