Brokelyn Special Events

This Thurs: Be Brokelyn’s drinking buddy at Berry Park!

It's summer: what're you supposed to do, drink on the ground? Photo by Flickr's d Wang

We’re entering the final stretch of celebrating our beloved Beer Book bars, so it’s time again for another Brokelyn BeerUp! This Thursday, join Team Brokelyn on the roof of Berry Park in Williamsburg for an evening of drinking, socializing and talking all things cheap, free and fun in Brooklyn this summer. The BeerUps are nothing more than a chance for us to all get together, use a Beer Book coupon if you have one or just kick back on a sunny Thursday evening. Ever have something you want to see on Brokelyn but never got the courage to bring up? Grab a strong German beer and come talk to us at Berry Park! Brokelyn BeerUp, Thursday, 7pm until they kick us out, Berry Park, 4 Berry St. Look for the people in Brokelyn T-shirts!Thursdays are also DJ night at Berry Park featuring DJ Tommy James spinning punk, new wave, dub, ska, grime, power pop, electro, R&B and more (that’s a lot of music). And there’s buy-one, get-one free well drinks! Can you say “cut-offs dance off?”

Here’s a few photos from our last BeerUp at The Narrows via Brokelyn’s Sarah Bibi. Can’t you just FEEL how much fun is being had??


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