Thirty percent off at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy

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What is this, retailmenot? (No, but y’all know that you should check that and other coupon sites before buying a single thing online, right?) Anyway, we happened to get our hands on a 30 percent off coupon for the Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic, where they’re going big on the gay military-dictator look for late summer (left). The coupon is good in-store only for four days: Thursday July 30 to Sunday August 2. Five percent of your purchase price to Teach for America, which employs earnest college grads who used to go on to become corporate lawyers and now stay in the classroom because all of a sudden it’s a great gig to have. Here’s the coupon.

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  1. They did one of these a while ago, around X-mas time, and I somehow didn’t expect the computer-printed coupon to actually work. It did, though, without so much as an off-kilter look from the register guy.

  2. the gap normally does this in preparation for the new fall and december collections. we’ve seen several of these coupons floating around the interwebs, and the best thing is that they allow you to pick a non-profit of your own choosing (although teach for america is a great one).

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