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Brokelyn presents: A dinner and a movie date that will actually make you smarter

(L-R)  Hugh Jackman, Andy Serkis
(L-R) Hugh Jackman, Andy Serkis

“Dinner and a movie” conjures visions of a too-simple date idea for dummies who don’t know how to harness all the wildly entertaining first date ideas in the borough. But here’s one Dinner and a Movie that isn’t for dummies though: in fact, it’ll make you smarter. Brokelyn is partnering with with Think Olio (who offer the classes you wish you took in college) and our friends at Berg’n (one of our Beer Book bars!) for the new Dinner and a Movie Film Series, which brings top professors to the beer and food hall to analyze a classic film, with drink specials.

The first screening will be on June 8  (It’s been moved to June 15) at 8pm with a screening of the gorgeously complex and star-packed Christopher Nolan film The Prestige (yup, that’s the one where Batman and Alfred faceoff against Wolverine and Black Widow, with David Bowie as Nikola Tesla). On hand to discuss it will be Oxford doctorate and BMCC professor Geoff Klock.

Berg’n will be turned into a private dining hall and offer drink specials for the casual classroom setting. Klock has a doctorate from Oxford and is an associate professor at BMCC-CUNY, where he teaches composition, film and old-school Brit lit. He is the author of three books: two about comic books and one about poetry. The screening/class starts at 8pm and costs $12, get your tickets here; make sure to get there early to grab dinner from Bergn’s vendors and get $2 off all draft beers at the bar.

Upcoming movies in the weekly Wednesday night series include Holy Motors, Mulholland Drive, Kill Bill vol. 1, Ocean’s 12, Alien Resurrection, Lost Highway, Noah, Winter’s Tale and Synecdoche, New York. Stay tuned to our Monday event listings for more info on upcoming screenings.

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