Brooklyn Heights/ DUMBO

There’s a free dance party in the DUMBO Archway on Saturday

dumbo archway
This, but also with dancing. via Flickr user dumbonyc

There’s nothing like an outdoor dance party to prove to haters that IT’S STILL SUMMER YA JERKS. Fortunately for us all, there just happens to be a big outdoor dance party this weekend that is both free and in Brooklyn. Is there any downside to this? We guess if you’re afraid of dancing it’s ALL downside, but other than that, no. 

The DUMBO BID and BBOX Radio are teaming up for TunnelVision, a dance party on Saturday that’s being held in Manhattan Bridge Archway from 3pm to 7pm. You can expect all sorts of fun music that gets your booty going, from soul to funk to hip-hop and probably a few genres that we’re not aware of. Plus, the MC for the afternoon’s festivities is Sahr Ngaujah, who played Fela on Broadway, and if there was one thing that Fela Kuti knew it was how to get people moving.

It’s supposed to be 83 degrees tomorrow, which is perfect outdoor dancing weather, so put on your dancing shoes and dancing pants. Leave your dancing shirt at home, because it’s summer and who needs a stupid shirt? Not you.

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