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Art CSA exists, if you want cheap art to for your place

Like this? Niv Tishby is one of the artists in Brooklyn's first art CSA. via Facebook
Like this? Niv Tishby is one of the artists in Brooklyn’s first art CSA. via Facebook

Let’s be real here: you need some new art in your apartment. That picture of “The Kiss” you have hanging up in your room makes everyone from your roommates to dates that you bring home uncomfortable. Ah, but art is expensive, even more so when you’re trying to pretend like you have taste. What to do, what to do. Oh, you could sign up for an art CSA, which is a totally real thing, thanks to Brooklyn Community Supported Art and Design.

Yes, seriously, an art CSA. Sure it sounds like this UCB skit, but when you think about it, what’s so crazy about signing up for art that’s made cheaper by people all buying it together? The program works by having a jury go through submissions made up of all kinds of art, from paintings to textile designs, t-shirts to books. They narrow the submissions down to just six artists, who then make 50 works of art each.

Then, just like a regular CSA, you go pick up your art in a big box. Fortunately, unlike a farm CSA, it’s not like a bad season will mean you can’t get any art. Unlike a farm CSA though, CSA+D doesn’t quite know what you’re going to get in your box. You can see the artists who will part of this year’s CSA here though, which should help give you an idea of what to expect. When you go pick up your box of art, you can also meet the artists who made each piece, so try not to have disappointment written all over your face if you don’t like something. A full share gets you six pieces of art for $500, a half-share gets you three pieces of art for $250.

Since CSA+D is going to be giving out their first art share soon, they’ve already picked artists for the fall. But if you’re an artist who wants in, keep an eye on the website for a chance to submit your work in the future.┬áIf you just want art though, you can still sign up for a share. Lucky for you, there are still shares available, because seriously man, it’s about time you took that poster down from your wall. And over your bed too, what are you thinking?

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