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The Pizza Compass gives you all the direction you need

Sometimes you just really need some pizza, y'know? Photo by Daniel Delaney
Sometimes you just really need some pizza, y’know? Photo by Daniel Delaney

Pizza: so hot right now. Then again, pizza is always hot around here, both because it’s typically cooked in an oven and because it’s so easy to eat on the go and because we have the best pizza here. And while everyone knows the location of their great or not-so-great slice joint in their neighborhood, what if you’re somewhere you’ve never been before and you just need pizza? Enter the Pizza Compass, possibly the most important app ever made.

“What does the Pizza Compass do?”, you’re asking. Well, simply put, it finds all the places you can get pizza in the area around where you’re standing. Put in your location and you end up with a handy map with pizza icons sprouting up all around it. Once you pick a pizza place you want to go to, it even tells you how close you’re getting to it, down to the foot.

And again, while everyone knows where the pizza places in their neighborhoods, and maybe the neighborhood where their boo lives, are, if you find yourself somewhere strange, it can be comforting to know that there is in fact pizza for you. So thank you, Pizza Compass, for providing that saucy, cheesy security blanket.

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