The perfect Valentine’s gift for tree huggers

Not the actual tree.

Screw it, we’ll just go all out for Valentine’s Day stuff today, even though us singles think it’s about as real a holiday as the Verdukian Holiday of Mouth Pleasures: You could spend tons on an overrated restaurant, followed by weak cocktails, followed by, I don’t know what you couples are into these days, flowers or something? Lame. Step up the game this year by putting all that money in one place and dedicating a whole tree in Prospect Park to your lurver, which will help replace all the ones destroyed by storms last year. For $75, you can plant a sapling as part of the restoration project; for $100, you can contribute to a communal Arbor Day Tree, which also gets you an invite to a special planting ceremony on April 27. Each one gets you a special Valentine’s Day certificate, but orders have to be in by noon on Feb. 9 to ensure you get it in time. Visit the park’s site for ordering details. Then maybe your partner will make like a tree and … oh never mind.

[via Windsor Terrace blog]

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