The DUMBO Film Salon: like a mani-pedi for your brain

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Learn the story of the men who make New York’s tunnels

Until you’ve heard literally all of them, you can’t wave off the old saying about New York having eight million stories being a cliche. There are stories in the nooks and crannies of the city, the places where the light doesn’t shine frequently and where people just don’t bother to look. You can hear some of New York’s unknown stories tomorrow at the DUMBO Film Salon at the reRun theatre.

DUMBO Film and have joined forces to bring documentary filmmaker Eddie Rosenstein and journalist Noah Rosenberg to reRun to tell some of the stories that they’ve picked up in their time in the city and share their insights into storytelling. Rosenberg will be sharing stories of some of New York’s more colorful denizens that he’s posted to Narratively, while Rothstein will be showing clips from his documentary Sandhogs, which details the work and lives of the men who built New York’s subway tunnels.

Also, as the event’s site points out, reRun is a place “where the alcohol flows and the snacks are gourmet,” which is true: they’ve got a full bar and their movie grub includes a duck confit hot dog. So even on the off-chance you find the story of the people who built the tunnels for the subway boring (how? how is that possible?) at least you’ll eat well.

DUMBO Film Salon, Friday, 6:45pm, reReun Theater, 147 Front Street, DUMBO, FREE

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