Can your tastebuds identify Bud? Win a cash prize at this macrobrew taste test Sunday

Mmm that fart seltzer. Image via.
Mmm that fart seltzer. Image via.

Remember the first times you tried beer? And it tasted like someone had just thrown soggy crackers and creek water in a blender? But you wanted to be cool and proudly downed that those Keystone Lights and Coors Lights and crusty solo cups of Natty Ice? Well if your palate has been refined to appreciate the nuance among some of the finest macro-brews out there, the ones we’ve done everything possible to avoid since college, your skills could come in pretty handy. The Diamond is hosting a chili cookoff this weekend, and if that’s not exciting enough for you, there will also be a macrobrew blind tasting where your high tastes could win you $20.

The chili cookoff features all kinds of meat-bean-fire stews, and for just $5 you can taste them all and vote to fulfill a local chilismith’s dreams of glory. It starts this Sunday, March 15, at 3pm, and once the chili king or queen has been crowned the macrobrew challenge begins.

Participants in the macro-brew tasting will sample four of the finest frat basement offerings around and can get 20 whole dollars (that’s four chili tastings) for identifying the brands. We’re not sure how well your stomach will handle copious amounts of chili and domestic beers, but hey there’s only one way to find out.

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