Tax day freebies to help deduct some sadness

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Hey kids, it’s tax day. And technically, Monday is tax day, too. We hope you’ve already tackled the challenge: Maybe you used a guy, maybe you used your brain, so long as you’re not sitting in front of your computer right now cursing at Turbotax’s back button. The upside of this time of year is that a lot of companies feel your pain, and they would like to give you free stuff over the next week. Want to wake up with some coffee? Get it for free! Maybe your financial-paper-carrying tote bag busted? You can get one for free, too! A comprehensive list of tax time 2011 freebies, below.

Cubana Social: From 8am-4pm 4/15 receive a FREE coffee at this super great Williamsburg spot; the only local Tax Day deal I could find. They also have some good food, and free wifi.

Subway: April 16 is Subway’s Customer Appreciation Day. When you buy one footlong, you get another FREE.

Bally’s Total Fitness: Work out for free on April 18, and when you sign up between now and the Thursday, you get a month of free training, and discounted blahblahblah, it’s nice outside.

Cinnabon: On April 18, you can get two free classic Cinnabon Bites from 6pm-8pm for their promotion “Tax Day Bites”. Oh, clever, Cinnabon, clever. Additionally, whore yourself out on twitter for a chance to win $100!

Starbucks: Receive a free coffee when you bring in a travel mug on April 22.

Target: This giveaway is technically for Earth day coming up, but whatevs, it counts. On April 17, Target is giving away one million reusable tote bags with purchase, and they’re kinda cute. Let’s make the Sunday target lines longer!

If you know of any other Tax Day freebies, let us know in the comments..

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