Price check: Downtown Brooklyn’s brand-new Target is selling cheap produce and meat

Price check: Downtown Brooklyn's brand-new Target is selling cheap produce and meat
Target has dropped some ‘duce on Downtown Brooklyn. Photos by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Brooklyn’s newest Target opened Wednesday in the City Point development, putting it in the same new vertical mall as Alamo Drafthouse and Century 21. Unlike the other Target a few blocks down the road at Atlantic Center, so far it’s not a devastating hellscape of empty shelves and unattended children playing out a Mad Max scenario with shopping carts (so far, at least). The store is clean and bright, with big windows overlooking the surrounding development so you can watch the gentrification of Fulton Mall happen in real time.

The store also offers something you won’t find in the Atlantic Center Target (though you will find it at the Brooklyn College one): a way bigger grocery section that includes fresh meats, produce, fresh (ish?) bread and more, all for pretty cheap prices. The cost on some things is similar to what you might pay at Trader Joe’s. But should you be buying your strawberries and ground beef at the same place you get a six-pack of undies and the extended director’s cut of Suicide SquadWe did a quick price check to find out:



Bag of hass avocados: $4.99

Single avocado: $1.49

Bagged salads: 2 for $7 (sale price)


These look pretty good!
These look pretty good!

2-lb. box of strawberries: $5.99

Berries (rasp and blue): 2 for $5 (sale price)

Bananas: .19 cents

Bag of apples; $5.99

Single apple: .99 cents


The Fresh Price of Bel Air.
The Fresh Price of Bel Air.


18-pack of Bud Light, Bud, Miller Light or Coors Light: $12.99 (sale price)

6-pack Bud Light tall boys: $5.99

6-pack PBR tall boys: $5.99

6-pack Brooklyn Brewery’s new Bel Air Sour: $8.99



12-pack High Life cans: $6.99

6-pack High Life tall boys: $4.99

Craft beer (Blue Point, Southern Tier, Ommegang, Ballast Point): $8.99-$11.99)


mmm cold bagels.
mmm cold bagels.


You can get this bag of refrigerated bagels for $1.69 but ew no

Baguettes: $1.99


12 pack of eggs (chicken), assorted varieties: $2.99


If you're not on a low-carbon-emissions diet.
If you’re not on a low-carbon-emissions diet.

Pre-made burgers, various fattiness: $5.49-$5.99

Pork chops: $9.99

Organic ground beef: $8.99

(You can also buy ribs and a bunch of deli meat here for various prices I didn’t write down)


pickle chips

I’m not sure what this is but they’re only .79 cents!

So you might not make Target your primary grocery store, but it’s not too bad for basics and fairly decently priced produce, especially if you need to grab some stuff while also buying a month’s supply of toilet paper and discount shoes before finally going to see Arrival upstairs at Alamo. But City Point is also getting a Trader Joe’s this year, just downstairs from this Target. So the final decider of which store you do your grocery shopping at might just come down to who has the shorter line.

Hi, Target.
Hi, Target.

The Target is located on 445 Albee Square W. in the City Point development.

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