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Take this person’s free destructive, ‘a-hole’ toads

Looks nice enough to us
Looks nice enough to us

It’s the same story every time. You buy some toads to put in your fish tank because the guy at the pet store told you they were African dwarf frogs. But then time goes on and they start destroying things and raising hell and scaring the hell out of your fish and eating them sometimes too, and you realize you’ve been sold Hypnotoads. Erm, African claw frogs.

Well, maybe this hasn’t happened to you, but it happened to someone in Sunset Park, and you can reap the rewards of the situation by getting a couple of free toads for yourself. Seems like a good deal to us, provided you don’t have tiny fish the toads might eat. Or maybe you hate the fish, in which case hey, win-win.

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  1. al fair

    I had one of these frogs! they are super easy to care for, but they do put literally anything that will fit in their mouth in their mouth. they are ral tiny monsters. they completely destroyed the ecosystem of a pond in San Francisco to the point that they only had eachother to eat. they eat their eggs and their babies and their shredded skin. and mine lived to be 23!

    to be fair, the dwarf frogs behave the same way, they just have smaller mouths. and they are do often confused in pet stores and the giglio festival win a goldfish ping pong ball toss booth.

    if I had tge space (they need a lot of tank space) I’d take in these little jerks.

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