Take note: composition book price check

Even for those of us who haven’t been in a classroom in years, the words “Back to school” are pretty much the most depressing sound you can hear, right next to the sound of your building collapsing in an earthquake and the deafening email silence I get every time I send out a job application. But just because we ignore the end of summer doesn’t mean we ignore the chance to save money. Ditmas Park Blog ran down a BTS price comparison on where to find cheapest of the most essential school item: the composition notebook. Read on to see what they found. Kids still use notebooks, right? The kind with paper?

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  1. They’re 50cents at Target on Flatbush and Atlantic.  As a teacher, I track these sales and that’s the best I’ve found on comp. notebooks.  While the 1cent spirals are great, most teachers don’t want them — they are sloppy, pages get torn out, and (unfortunately) the spirals can be removed and used as a weapon – and yes, I’ve seen it done.

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