Take a free Gotham Writers’ Workshop this week at its Open House

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String together sentences with some strangers

Hey you there, person stuck with writer’s block, want a cheap way to get out from under it? Gotham Writers’ Workshop is offering free classes this week! Tuesday, January 7 and Wednesday, January 8, they will hold one-hour classes for all aspiring writers and/or all those who want to improve their writing skills as part of their Winter Open House. Sure, you have to go to Manhattan, but as they say, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” (that’s an idiom, writers use those) because even one one-hour workshop can do wonders with Gotham’s supreme caliber of teachers and instructors.

If you’ve been curious about Gotham, this will give you an opportunity to try one or two of the many classes that are offered by Gotham normally, like Creative Writing 101, Essay and Opinion, Fiction, Science Fiction and even Songwriting. The classes will give everyone the opportunity to meet the instructors, practice writing and if you want to sign up right then and there, you’ll get a discount of $30 off their 6 or 10-week course. You can sign up for one or two free classes, but no more than two. Registration is required, so sign up for a class that you’re interested in before it fills up completely.

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