T-shirts, t-shirts, get ya Brokelyn Freeshirts heeyah!

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OMG! That magenta one is YOU.


WHAT: A party celebrating the launch of our brand new Brokelyn Freeshirts*, featuring our famous Heads of State-designed logo, fashionably wrought by designer Bob Bland of Brooklyn Royalty

WHERE: Mission Dolores Bar
WHEN: Friday night (9/16), 7 to 10 p.m.
WHO: You and your friends, relatives, frenemies and frelatives present and future
HOW MUCH: Buy a Brokelyn Free-Shirt at our low, low introductory price of $20 and get 2-for-1 beers at the party, which is only a taste of swag to come
Brokelyn events are always FUN FUN FUN because we attract the grooviest people.  And also, because we’re not selling these sorry-ass t-shirts. And also, because we need your hot self to model these stylin’ Brooklyn t-shirts for the site. Witness street model Bryce, this only slightly unuspecting hunk we photographed at Fashion’s Night Out. Hubba Hubba! (We’re talking about the shirt, of course.)

*We call them Freeshirts because of all the free stuff you get when you wear them around town. Earn your investment back and maybe even pay for your pants! Deals include:

 2-for-1 Robicelli’s cupcake at the Dekalb Market, Mondays and Tuesdays
2-for-1 beer or coffee at Flying Saucer on Tuesdays
2-for-1 drinks at Bocca Lupo after 10:30 on Friday and Saturday nights
2-for-1 beer at karaoke Wednesdays, MikNic Lounge
A free one-bite appetizer at St. Austere restaurant in Williamsburg
2-for-1 Learn the Ropes class (a $75 value) at Brooklyn Boulders (both people must be wearing shirts)
And so much more!

Check out our party Facebook page and RSVP!


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