Sweet and salty job alert: Carnegie Deli needs a pickle mascot

This could be you! Photoshop by Madelyn Owens
This could be you! Photoshop by Madelyn Owens

There are a lot of ways to break into the food world, which we’ve gone over with you before. One avenue we hadn’t thought of was being a beloved restaurant’s mascot, although how often does that opportunity come up? Well, it’s come up today, because Carnegie Deli is hiring a pickle mascot to tempt passersby into dropping in for a sandwich or some soup of even just a nosh. This is a real people-person job, so maybe think of doing something else if you’re a gherk.

The Post reports that the deli is looking to make a splash after they reopen (after being closed for illegally siphoning gas). A deli spokeswoman said you can be either “green” or “seasoned,” which really opens things up for those of you who don’t have a ton of mascot experience but want to get into the exciting, mysterious world of mascots. According to the Post, your job as pickle mascot will be to hand out pickles while wearing “a green body suit with white clown hands.” Also it goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway: don’t eat the pickles yourself.

Want in? The Craigslist ad for the job says that applicants can show up to Carnegie Deli between 8am and noon tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16, with your resume in tow. You could also apply for more traditional restaurant jobs like dishwasher or hosts or delivery folks, but come on, we know you want to wear that pickle suit.

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