Sweet job alert #2: Paid copywriting intern at Huge

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Huge’s new site for Barneys. We hear an intern thought of the gold purse pop-up.

It’s get-yourself-a-damn-job Monday at Brokelyn! Here’s another great gig: Huge, the appropriately named DUMBO-based digital agency with a few clients you might possibly have heard of (er, Barneys, IKEA, Jetblue and Target?), is hiring a paid copy intern to “support and contribute to some of the biggest and most innovative media projects online.” At Huge, apparently “support” doesn’t translate to “supply with Starbucks blonde lattes.” The ad promises that interns “work alongside other copywriters and will be called upon to participate in many aspects of the creative process.” So, all you commerce-friendly young wordsmiths, apply or you’re a [insert clever word for fool]. Here’s what it takes:

– A jaw-dropping command of language.
– An eye for details—from tiny opportunities to proofing.
– An inherent ability to think in digital terms.
– Collaboration skills to rival a bee hive.
– A great attitude and desire to learn.
– Always ready for a healthy debate about anything.

And here’s where to apply. By the way, there are tons of jobs at Huge, so check the careers page early and often.

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