Sweet gig alert: Manage a dating profile for a ‘busy man’

You'll have to nose out some potential mates.
Can you nose out the competition?

Have you got sick game but are extremely unattractive? Never got a missed connection but would gladly respond to one? A not-bad-looking and fairly successful gentleman, who’s too busy for locally-sourced dating, is looking for a manager of his online dating profile. You’ll get to make up his self-summary, favorite movies, and more. Plus, you get to practice your online game with absolutely no risk! Did we mention it’s paid?

Your amorous employer has very specific rules. You have to figure out the right kind of woman for him first. He’ll want “25 or so girls” sent to him and he’ll let you know which ones he’s into. Once you “wrap your head around” what kind of gal gets him goin’, you’ll get to ply your Pick-Up Artist skills across the the online dating world. Get this guy a phone number and he’ll give you $5. Schedule a date on his calendar and you’ll net $20.

We’ve got our doubts that this is real, since one of the dating sites he’ll want you to go through is EHarmony, but you nevr know. Keep in mind that this extremely busy individual can only go on a max of four dates per week, so be careful to limit your “outreach.” And no fatties.


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