Sweet gig alert: Curbed needs an associate editor

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Correctly critique this building in 45 seconds and the job is yours. via Facebook

Are you obsessed with apartments, beyond the way that New Yorkers usually just idly dream of living somewhere larger? Is the form of a building important to you inside and out, and you interrupt your friends’ conversations at the bar to try to steer things towards architecture? Well have we got the job for you. Or, Curbed does anyway, because they’re looking for an associate editor. Could it be you? Maybe!

According to their job listing, they want someone “who loves real estate, design and architecture,” along with the type person who can pick out the core of a story and is a master of searching through Redfin. Also s strong social media presence is a plus, though you probably don’t need to go #Larbon deep to prove to them that you live on Twitter.

What do you get if they give you the job? Health insurance, for one! Plus a 401(k), which is good we guess, if you plan on living past 40. Which you probably will with your fancy new health insurance. If this sounds like your kind of gig, shoot them an email at jobs [at] curbed.com with a paragraph about yourself and one about why you want the job, along with links to any of your internet presence, like a Tumblr or a Twitter account.

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