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Tonight! Come to our Pre-gift/ Re-gift Party

You must have one of these to pull from

Ok, we know: Who isn’t throwing a holiday party sometime in the next two weeks? But the real question is: Who is throwing one with the express purpose of vastly improving your last-minute gift-giving potential? That would be us. Join Brokelyn on Tuesday, Dec. 21, for the first ever Pre-gift/Re-gift Holiday Party. There’ll be music, drink specials (select $4 draught beers and $1 off all liquor), holiday cheer—all the usual seasonal stuff. But also, like most everything else Brokelyn-related, this get-together’s coming with some built-in brokester practicality: a last-minute chance to dump gifts you don’t want, pick up some you do and finally purge that growing pile of untouchables from Secret Santas past.

Brokelyn’s Pre-gift/Re-gift Holiday Party will be Tuesday night, Dec. 21 from 7:30 to 10 p.m. at Hot Bird (a bar newly-near-and-dear to our hearts) in Prospect Heights.

How will this gifting thing work? The ethos is the same as with any swap, but we’re going for mint-condish offerings (sorry, grandma, no 25-cent puzzles from Goodwill). Snowflake scarf still in the box? Fine with us. The (unused) baseball mitt from dad because he still doesn’t know you prefer gardening? That’s game too. As are pocket tools, perfumes and any other unwanted gems you know someone else might treasure. If it’s new, bring it.

But alas, if by some chance, nothing strikes your fancy, you can just mingle with Brokelyn staff, pester us for cheap last-minute gift ideas and soak up the holiday cheer in the form of the night’s drink specials.

So, dig through those piles, put together a wish list of your own and get ready to gift.

The Pre-gift/Re-gift Holiday Party, Tuesday, Dec. 21, 7:30 to 10 p.m. at Hot Bird, 546 Clinton Ave. between Fulton St. and Atlantic Ave., Prospect Heights


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