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Summer splurge: the Glasslands season pass. Is it worth it?

Even if you don't like Titus Andronicus, you won't care. The show is free for you
Even if you don’t like Titus Andronicus, you won’t care. The show is free for you

Summer is a time when you might be a little dumber with your money. The scientific reason for that is because the heat makes your brain work more slowly and keeps you from carefully considering things. It’s OK though, it only lasts for like three months. Glasslands, recognizing this, is offering you the opportunity to get started on that early with a season pass to the in demand DIY spot that will get you into every show, no questions asked, for $225. Is it worth it? Actually, it just might be.

Now, obviously if you live in Ditmas Park or Red Hook or something, the idea of trudging out to Williamsburg enough times to make a $225 investment probably sounds like a pain in the ass. But if you live in biking distance from the venue, or in Williamsburg, this seems like a pretty good deal. For one, they’re apparently going to let you go to every show this summer, of which there’s one almost every night. And it’s not like they only book bands you’ve never heard of. Wavves and King Kahn and the BBQ show are playing shows there this week. Plus, you also get a free drink whenever you show up.

You’d have to go to like, 15 or 20 shows to get a true return on your investment, but you can easily surpass the value of the pass just by going to see a few bands you’ve never heard of. Worst comes to worst, you can just pop in to use the bathroom so you don’t get a ticket. And come on, you know you’ll look cool to that girl with the vintage glasses or the dude in the short jorts by offering to buy them a drink with your fancy Glasslands summer pass, right? At the very least you’ll probably get them to go home with you because they’ll think you have money. Joke’s on them though, you spent it all on the fancy Glasslands season pass.

[h/t Free Williamsburg]

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