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Strut your funniest stuff at Triskelion’s Comedy in Dance festival!

'Move' your audience to tears of laughter like Cocoon Central Dance Team. via Dance NYC
‘Move’ your audience to tears of laughter like Cocoon Central Dance Team. via Dance NYC

With all the talking pictures and internet memes we’ve got to line our stomachs these days, there isn’t as much of an appetite for Marx Brothers-style physical comedy as there used to be. There isn’t much of an audience, either, outside of the traveling circus and whoever would see another Ace Ventura movie.

But for the past eight years, Triskelion Arts’ Comedy in Dance Festival has sought to provide a space where physical comedians of every sort — dancers, mimes, clowns, and so on — can leap for laughs. And if you’ve got an aptitude for physical antics, you should apply.

“Triskelion Arts believes in the power of funny, especially when it comes to dance,” reads a statement on the application, which is due Jan. 25 at 11:59pm. “We are seeking movement-based work under 15 minutes that tickles a varied adult audience’s collective funny bone.”

If you haven’t heard of the festival, rest assured it’s got some spiffy dance alumni, including the Cocoon Central Dance Team, performance collective AUNTS, and Jamie Benson (a co-creator of NYC dance project Shakedown Dance Collective).

This year, the festival takes place March 23-26. If your piece is selected, you’ll get to perform it one to three times throughout the festival, at the discretion of the curator. There’s no pay, but there’s also no cost to apply and you’ll get free admission to the other shows. While new work is favored over revivals of old material, all applications are reviewed, and pieces will be chosen “on the basis of quality of work and appropriateness for the event.”

To submit just fill out this form, and be prepared to include

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