Rent a possibly haunted 160-year-old island lighthouse for just $300 a night

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Possibly you’ll be haunted by vengeful Revolutionary War ghosts, but whatever, it’s just $300. via Lighthouse Restorations

Thinking of all the summer trips you’d like to take this summer before remembering that you’re poor as hell and you aren’t going anywhere? Us too. That could change though, because we’ve just been alerted (via Untapped Cities) to the Execution Rocks Lighthouse, a possibly haunted lighthouse in the Long Island House that you can stay in for just $300 per night. It’s like an island getaway, except you’ll be kept awake and terrified by the ghosts of executed American Revolutionary War soldiers. But hey, beats taking a Greyhound Bus to the Jersey sure, are we right??

Untapped Cities pooh poohs the idea of it actually be a place haunted by the ghosts of American heroes, but even if you don’t get the added excitement of being kept awake at night by a bunch of not quite natural moaning, it still seems like a different way to spend an evening. According to the Execution Rocks website, you’re responsible for bringing your own food and bedding, which is fine, but no alcohol is allowed on the island. Probably, judging from the size of the island, because the lighthouse keepers are scared of someone falling off and drowning. We’ll leave it to you though, if you can have a proper summer night without alcohol. We’re leaning towards “no,” though.

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