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Start writing that novel you said you’d write this year with free writing workshops this week

gotham writers' workshop
Like this, but indoors. via Facebook

It’s a new year, and you’re promising a new you, just like last year. Except this year will be different, and you’re really gonna write that world-changing novel or the business manual that makes you the next Donald Trump. Well, so you say, except you can barely write. Good thing then, that Gotham Writers’ Workshop is offering some free writing classes this week then, huh?

Tuesday and Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm and 8:15pm to 9:15pm, Gotham is throwing open their doors to you with sample classes across all of their writing styles. Essay writing, creative writing, creative non-fiction, business writing, hell they’ve even got a songwriting class among others they offer. Basically everything but how to blog actually, but that’s probably because you can train a chimp of moderate intelligence to do that.

Is there any downside to the free writing classes? Well, you have to go to the Gotham HQ at 1450 Broadway, in the hated Manhattan. On the other hand, you can take two classes, in case you wanted to do some kind of hybrid “business advice through song” book. Also, if you’re blown away by your free class, you can also get $30 off your first class if you sign up for a 6 or 10-week program. So what the hell, go check out a couple classes, and try to keep that writing resolution alive for a week at least.

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