Special offer: $5 off your first Signpost deal

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Brokelyn readers can get this deal for just $5. It's good for $20 worth of delivery from 71 Brooklyn restaurants.

Our heads have been spinning from all the deals coming out of the internets these days. With so many sites available, and new ones popping up, you have to wonder: which sites are worth adding into your already full “deals” iPhone folder? Signpost, a new promotional partner of ours, is worth a look, and here’s why:

Signpost is like the Facebook of deal sites. Signpost not only offers the paid deals from local businesses like similar sites, but it also encourages users to post deals they want to share. This can range from everything from a free cookie to a killer sample sale. Other users can vote to like or dislike your suggestion — in effect pushing up the good stuff, and shoving aside the stinkers.

You can earn points to get better deals. Refer a friend who purchases a deal to get $10 off your next deal. Or, collect “karma points” in exchange for better deals. For every deal you post, you will receive 500 karma points. Every time someone likes that deal, you get another 100 points. And if they verify that the deal is real, you get 250 points. Every 5000 points is worth $5. But there’s a shortcut available only to Brokelyn readers: sign up here and start off with $5 in your kitty. And that would make this Allmenus deal 75 percent off. Yay to internet friends!


Businesses can post their deals in real time. You get to see the deals live, and when they want to drum up some business or sell some overstock, they can post directly onto Signpost.

Awww... the Signpost mascot.

Their app is cute! It has a great interactive map, and an easy posting feature.

Google thinks it’s cool. And whatever Google tells us to do — Gmail, Google Docs, Buzz, Reader — yes, Google, we’d like another.

You can get $5 off by signing up here. So what if we said that already?

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