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Snap up this chance for a free 10 week photography class

Close Moments will teach you to shoot this well. via Close Moments
Close Moments will teach you to shoot this well. via Close Moments

So you’ve got yourself a digital camera and you think you’re some kind of photography Picasso. Erm, Annie Liebovitz. Except here’s the thing your friends are afraid to tell you: you’re just turrible at it. Don’t throw the camera away though, we’ve got good news for you: you can take a free 10-week photography class run that gets amateurs taking pictures like the one you see above. Sign up now though, because the deadline is tomorrow.

Close Moments is a 501(c)3 group formed with the mission to teach people how to teach people how to take good photos, for free. Which, given the amount of bad photography out there, is a pretty sweet charitable endeavor. The curriculum is a 10 class course that happens on ten Saturdays from noon to 2pm, taught by trained instructors who’ll give you technical instruction and one on one feedback, as you learn to express yourself with a camera at a higher level than duckface selfies. They trust their instruction so much, that then at the end of the course, they display their students’ work in a gallery before auctioning off the pictures.

And good photography can do more than get you a bunch of Facebook likes. It can also win you someone’s heart, as Marc Maron will tell you. So if you’re ready to make the leap from awful photographer to good photographer first, make sure you have a camera (this is a charity orginization, they can’t just be giving out cameras), make sure you’ve got ten weeks to spare and then apply here. And then maybe take our wedding pictures?

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