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Yeah yeah, we know, snowing out. You know what though? There was baseball on the radio yesterday, summer festivals are rolling out their lineups and it’s fucking March. One final roar from winter isn’t going to stop us from proseltyizing the gospel of #summeriscoming, because the calendar just keeps moving. Time to start thinking about bike rides to Coney Island, bike rides to Rippers, bike rides to places that aren’t the beach. Don’t have a bike? This is the weekend to get one because Ride Brooklyn is having a big sale this weekend.

From today to Sunday, you can get up to 40% off bikes at both Ride Brooklyn locations in Williamsburg (50 North 7th Street) and Park Slope (468 Bergen Street) and 50% off clothing (although to be perfectly honest, we don’t usually feel the need to wear much in the way of clothes on summer bike rides). Plus, just for being a Brokelyn reader and telling them proudly that you are, you get an extra 5% off, so it’s actually 45% off bikes and 55% off clothing. Don’t think about the snow and how you might not ride the bike for a few days. Think about how you’ll save money on a bike now and then save money on MetroCards this summer.

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