Sky high savings: Get a Rooftop Films membership for $75

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Unlike the other people here, you’ve saved $500. via Facebook

If you talk to anyone about the end of winter, you can tell everyone is ready to burst into summer like so many fireworks shot up into New York’s atmosphere. Rooftop Films is just as ready as you are, the proof being found in the fact that they’re holding 45 screenings all summer in places around the city. At $13 per movie, it could be tough for you to get out to a lot of them, and Rooftop Films gets that. So, that’s why they’re selling one-year memberships, a $585 value that get you into every screening, for just $75. That’s 45 potential screenings for the price of 6.

You can grab one of those incredibly discounted memberships at Rooftop Films’ IndieGoGo page. If you’ll recall last year’s schedule, in Brooklyn alone there were a number of movies that went on to national acclaim, like Drinking BuddiesCutie and The Boxer and Short Term 12, so you can get sneak previews of movies that your friends will be talking about this year. Plus see a bunch of weird art films and movies from around the world.

This year’s schedule isn’t completely up, but they’ve already got The One I Love, starring Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss and Obvious Child, a romantic comedy starring Jenny Slate, who everyone loves. And then there are the movies starring people you haven’t heard of, like Deadly Ponies Gang, a New Zealand-made movie about some dudes who form a gang where they sell drugs and ride ponies instead of motorcycles and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, about an Iranian man’s romance with a vampire girl. That’s already four movies that we bet you’d want to see, so pick two more once the whole schedule comes out and suddenly the one-year membership will be worth it. We bet you won’t be able to find six movies you actually want to see in theaters all summer.

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