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Skip Black Friday for Green Friday at BK’s best thrift shops

build it green nyc
You might think airplane seats make a bad couch, but for 10% off, you could be persuaded otherwise. via Build It Green!NYC Facebook

Hey guys, getting your hockey gear ready for all sorts of elbows you’ll have to dodge at the annual Black Friday insanity? Why? Not only is that $20 Blu-ray player not worth crippling someone for, it doesn’t even make for an interesting gift. Instead, why don’t you enjoy the much more relaxed shopping experiences offered by Green Friday, which is a confluence of deals offered by thrift and secondhand stores around the city on the same day as Black Friday?You can check out the map for all of the places in the city participating in the Green Friday promotion, but closer to home, you can get deals at the following places:

  • 15% off computers, 25% off everything else at the LES Ecology Center
  • 25% off everything at the Arthritis Foundation thrift shop
  • 25% off everything at the Cancer Care thrift shop
  • 10% off everything at BuildItGreen! NYC
  • 25% off everything at Film Biz Recycling
  • 15% off everything at the Bridal Garden
  • $5 off the first bag, $10 off the second bag at Buy the Bag
  • 50% off all clothing at Goodwill after 2pm
  • 50% off everything at the Salvation Army

Not only can you get deals at all these places, but you’ll also be contributing to recycling and making a dent in not filling the world with even more useless plastic crap. You’ll be floating on a cloud of moral superiority that’s so high you’ll almost be in space!

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