Sit around the electric campfire and see ‘A Christmas Story’ for free in DUMBO

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If you’re aiming to have a good time, head to DUMBO

Christmas season is full swing, in case the snow hasn’t been a reminder of that. But just because it’s Christmas, people always seem to think that means it’s time for our entertainment to lean towards the treacly and emotionally manipulative. Well, everyone it seems, but the folks at the DUMBO Business Improvement District, who will be screening the irreverent Christmas classic A Christmas Story not once, but twice tomorrow evening at the Pearl Street Triangle (155 Water Street). Careful where you put your tongue.

The screenings will be projected onto the walls of the Manhattan Bridge, which will certainly make the small scales stakes of the story of a boy getting a BB gun damn near operatic. The first of two screening will be at 5pm, and the second will be shortly after that, so don’t worry if you can’t make the first one. Worried about it being cold? Don’t be! That’s because electric stove makers BioLite will be there providing a giant electric version of their ovens, to act as “fire pit.”

So you’ll have a giant electric stove thing to keep you warm while you stare up at the movie, instead of having to glom on to the nearest person and try to steal their body heat. Which would be really, really weird if you didn’t actually know them. Or who knows, maybe it’d the start of a beautiful, loving relationship.

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