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Show and tell and win a Kindle!

The best part of elementary school was of course, show and tell. Nothing like getting a bunch of five year-olds to sit still and try to tell a coherent story about their pet frog that may or may not have survived the bus ride. So in the spirit of bringing back those childhood memories, we’re teaming up with Krrb and Amazon Publishing for the first ever Show & Tell (and Trade) on Nov. 1 at 7pm. And unlike your kindergarten days, there’s actually a reward for being good at show and tell.

If you want to play along, first make sure you RSVP and then find something that has a great backstory. But be sure you’re ready to part with it, because everyone who brings something will have to trade with someone else. List your trade object(s) on and tag it with the keyword “toogoodtobetrue.” If it is an existing item on Krrb, just “edit” the listing and tag it with the keyword. You can find what other people are bringing here.

In addition to doing a reading from his new book, Too Good to Be True, host Benjamin Anastas will choose 10 objects with the best backstories and invite their owners on stage to show and tell. Four of these show and tellers will win Kindles with a Too Good to Be True book cover case.

Unlike elementary school, drinks with alcohol will be provided. Snacks too!

Show & Tell (and Trade) @ Krrb HQ, Thursday, November 1st, 7pm, 99 Richardson Street, 2nd Floor

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