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Scream for it: Grab your discounted Coney Island Halloween pass today

luna park halloween harvest
This could be pretty much any day at Coney Island though. via Luna Park

Well, it’s big bummer, but it’s time for us to admit that summer is pretty much over and done with. Even if we wanted to hold on, the calendar is turning the page on Sunday, so we might as well also. On the other hand, it also means we can start ramping up for Halloween. First up on the list of things to do: grab a discounted ticket to the Luna Park Halloween party. After all, the rides are scary, so the prices shouldn’t be. We’ll be here all week folks, try the veal.

Like any good theme park, even though it’s getting cold, Luna Park is devoted to wrenching some more dollars away from you one last time for Halloween. With this Amazon Local deal, you can get a bronze ($24), silver ($29) or gold package ($34) for Luna Park’s Halloween Harvest. Each package level will get you, at the least, a four-hour unlimited rides card, a $10 Luna Card (which you can use for the Cyclone), pumpkin and food from the Cyclone Cafe. The gold package is the biggest discount and also comes with a $20 Luna Card, so you can ride the Cyclone twice.

What is Halloween Harvest, you ask? It’s like regular Coney Island, except there’s people walking around in freakish costumes. Wait…that is regular Coney Island. It’s like regular Coney Island except there’s pumpkins and trick or treating. There we go.

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