Say hey to Golly Magazine, the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance’s official sponsor

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Good Golly

We here at Brokelyn are ecstatic to announce Golly Magazine as our official sponsor for the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance! If you don’t know Golly, you soon will. Roxanne Fequiere and Alley O’Shea were just two exasperated women with a dream of creating something that stood apart from the glossy, airbrushed, impossibly perfect standards set by most lady mags on stands today. Long time subscribers and adept in the media world, they envisioned Golly as “modern, irreverent, and inclusive” and set out with little more than a Kickstarter and a prayer.

With Issue One completed, they’ve already snagged mentions on Vogue and Racked – to name a few. The first issue boasts everything from an adorable spread featuring houseplants to an interview with a NASA scientist to an in-depth profile on the women of Compton. Convinced enough that you’re about to drop your soy latte and run out to find a copy? Well kill two birds with one stone and come on over to the Bell House on October 16 and you can buy your copy (plus the world’s cutest stickers and patches) from the magazine mavens themselves! Commence your major girl-crush now. And don’t forget to grab your ticket to the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance! See you there!

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