Save the Tompkins Square Park Dog Parade!

We love New York traditions that are quirky, funny, and off-beat. After all, these customs make New York, New York.

That being said, it’s time to save the Tompkins Square Park Dog Parade, Brokesters. No, it’s not a Brooklyn-based event. But it’s a New York City event full of spirit, soul, DIY, and dogs. For nearly 30 years, the Tompkins Square Dog Parade has been an adorably kitschy tradition. And, it brings NYC residents (and visitors!) so much joy and laughs.

Unfortunately, 2018’s parade has been put on hold as the organizers have not yet secured a sponsor. With budget increases, the parade might not happen at all this year. And that is a damn shame.

But, that’s where you come in. Organizer Therese Moriarity put together a GoFundMe to secure 15k of funds needed to pull off the spooky event. Skip your morning coffee run for a day or two and throw in a few bucks.

So far, the campaign raised a little over 5k. Don’t forget to share this fundraiser with your own social networks. We can all chip in to preserve a piece of cool NYC history. Besides, think of the dogs!

Donate now.

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