Carry (out) a tune: Save big at Permanent Records’ moving sale

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Permanent Records, Greenpoint-based purveyors of vinyl goods, has lost its lease, and Thursday will be their final day of regular business at 181 Franklin Street before they head down to South Slope. While it’s always sad when a record store is forced to leave their home, Permanent will live on, and you can stand to benefit from this development with their massive moving sale, going on now through the end of business Thursday. We placed a call to see just how massive, and they’ve definitely delivered.

To show their appreciation to customers who refuse to turn their back on vinyl, Permanent is pricing stuff to move. The prices on sale bin records have effectively been halved, as those priced at 3 for $5 are now 6 for $5, and select new records are 30% off and buy one get one free.

Still rocking a Discman? We won’t judge, we’ll just let you know, you can nab a couple of great deals: CDs priced at $2.99 are now 10 for $10, and CDs priced at $.99 are 10 for a buck-freakin’-fifty. How can you beat that? You can’t. The answer is you can’t. If you fancy yourself a big spender, Permanent’s taking 10% off all purchases of $200 or more and throwing in a t-shirt for good measure. They’re even selling the posters off their walls and windows.

Once you’re done pillaging their selection and giving them money for the pleasure, you might start to feel a little sad that Permanent’s closing its doors. But as we mentioned, it’ll be okay! This isn’t actually smell ya later forever for the shop. They’ll soon be relocating to South Slope at 159 20th Street (between 4th and 5th avenues), and will re-open for business on October 1, roommates to coworking space BrooklynWorks, another relative newcomer to the neighborhood. So take some of that money you were going to throw at iTunes or Spotify, and put it towards actual decent sound quality with records that you can hold and love.

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