Save a hero, sign up to be a bone marrow donor

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Steve Bonano

Last time we were publicizing a blood drive, it was in relation to the attacks in Boston, but you’ve got a chance to do some good in your own backyard now. 9/11 first responder, Navy vet, 30-year NYPD officer and head of Barclays Center security Steve Bonano is battling blood cancer, possibly related to his work at Ground Zero, and needs a bone marrow transfusion. So today and tomorrow, you can sign up to be a bone marrow donor at 345 Jay Street, right outside the Jay-Street MetroTech subway stop.

Bonano was a first responder and worked at Ground Zero for three weeks, years and years before the health risks associated with working on the pile were made clear. His reward for that sacrifice was a rare form of blood cancer that he’s currently battling. Bone marrow donation isn’t quite as simple as blood donation, so the sign up today and tomorrow from 8am to 6pm, is only a registration drive, but the organizers are hoping to find a match for Bonano if enough people sign up.

Bonano has had an interesting life outside of his time in the Navy and NYPD, picking up a Master’s degree from Harvard and his pilot’s license when not selflessly rushing to burning piles of rubble, so with any luck, the people of Brooklyn will be able to come through for him. If you can’t make it to the drive but want to sign up to give marrow anyway, you can sign up at Delete Blood Cancer.

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