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Sandy hates books, so we hate Sandy: How to help Powerhouse Arena

The scene from Powerhouse. via SandyHatesBooks

If you like books in Brooklyn, the odds are that you’ve wandered into Powerhouse Arena’s amazing , bright, beautiful space, with its high ceilings plenty of space for events. They’ve been there for us bibliophiles, so now it’s time for us to be there for them. As you can see from the above picture, Sandy brought the river to Powerhouse’s door and through it, flooding them with 28 inches of water and crashing back through the front door, taking store items with it. They’re busy deep cleaning windows sashes and couch cushions and trying to get new display tables, but there’s a lot of damage and they dom’t have flood insurance.

Powerhouse has vowed to re-open though. Events this week are canceled, of course, but you can keep up with what they’re up to here, and if you want to donate to their efforts to clean up and restock, you can do so here. They’ve also asked that we keep an eye out for their Sandy Hates Books fundraiser, scheduled right now for Saturday November 17 from 12pm to 8pm. We’ll be sure to update you the moment we hear more.

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