Represented by Stephen Levin? You’re a temporary millionaire

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Has it been long enough that this is funny again? via Who Woulda Thought

Brooklyn is a big city, but its strength lies in its neighborhoods, keeping it from getting overwhelming, and helping foster a sense of community, even with two million people surrounding you. Now via The Times we’ll see that sense of community truly put to the test as city Council Member Stephen Levin plans to hold a town hall meeting, next Wednesday October 17 from 5:30pm to 9pm at St. Francis College at 180 Remsen Street, on what to do with one million dollars in city funding.

Levin represents a district that stretches from Park Slope to Greenpoint, and probably represents plenty of Brokelyn readers. What have you seen around your neighborhoods that could use some government-funded love? My answer would be to fix every pothole so as to make my bike rides less bumpy, but I’m selfish that way, plus I’m not in Levin’s district. If you’re gong to go to the meeting, take note of the three and a half hours set aside for it, because direct democracy can kind of be a slog. But with a million dollars on the line, it seems like it could be worth your time.

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    • Or we could mail a check for 39 cents to every Brooklyn resident. Of course, a stamp is 44 cents, so everyone would owe the city a nickel. But then we could then put towards tax breaks for the wealthy. Trickle down!

    • At $30/ounce, that’s only 0.01 oz per man, woman, and child in Brooklyn. If you restrict it to just men over 18, then each gets .039 oz. Hooray!

  1. A permanent G Train expansion, a free transfer from the Lorimer J to the Broadway G? Or would city funding be separate from MTA funding?

  2. Let’s install Train Time – that digital service that provides real-time train arrival status – in all of the stations. That just seems so nice so that I don’t lean over the edge of the platform 40 times a day to see if it’s on the way.

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