Register to become a bone marrow donor in Flatbush on Saturday

brooklyn bone marrow donation
Give cancer a punch right in its mouth. via Ditmas Park Corner

There’s not much in this world that people can 100% get behind, but one of those things that everyone agrees on is “Fuck cancer.” Beyond just being angry and throwing money at the problem, Ditmas Park Corner alerts us to something else you can do this upcoming weekend in the never-ending fight against the disease: go down to Temple Beth Emeth (83 Marlborough Road) and register to become a bone marrow donor.

DP Corner says that the marrow donor registration is happening in reaction to congregation member Seth Kushner being struck with blood cancer. The drive itself isn’t just to help Kushner though, since by registering as a donor, you’ll be in position to help other people with blood cancer. All you need to do is show up at the temple between 12:30pm and 5pm to get your cheek swabbed, and then your information will be kept on file in the event you’re a match for Kushner or anyone else who needs a bone marrow donation. You’re not using all your bone marrow anyway, so if you can, get down to Flatbush and help someone in need.

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