Recycle your jeans at Gap for 40% off a new pair

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Sort of like “cash for clunkers” for denim, Gap’s smack in the middle of an incentivized recycling program for your jeans. Bring an old pair of jeans, of any brand, to a Gap store through Wednesday, Oct. 20, and Gap will give take 30 percent off a new pair from their 1969 collection. Go one step further and “like” Gap on Facebook, and 30 percent turns to 40. The program, called Recycle Your Blues, isn’t only to refresh your drawers—all donated jeans will be used as home-insulation to keep people warm this winter. Here’s how it works, in case you can’t quite picture it.

Again, the recycling’s through Friday, Oct. 20, and only in stores, of which Brooklyn has three:

Marine Park/Mill Basin Gap, 5100 Kings Plaza, 718-253-1125; Bay Ridge Gap, 423 86th St., 718-833-6621; Bensonhurst Gap, 2101 86th St., 718-372-3170.

via Racked NY

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  1. Also, Gap’s 1969 “Real Straight” Jeans are union made in Canada. So get a huge discount AND know that you are helping support living wages a voice on the job.

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