Armed, dangerous and a third of the price!

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The author in high school.

Possibly the only disadvantage to growing up in New York City’s suburbs is that people here just aren’t that in to guns, no matter how many times I show them Death Wish 3 and tell them “It could happen here.” Finally though, the minority of us that want to feel secure from muggers, bears or kings of England that could just be walking down the street, our time is here. Valastro International Academy, a gun range in Glendale, Queens has jumped on the Groupon train and is offering 60 minutes on their target range with a rifle or shotgun for only $39 (normally $140). You even get a safety course at no extra charge, so don’t worry about pulling a Plaxico. You don’t have much time to wonder if shooting paper targets goes against your finely honed pacifism, the offer expires in two days.


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