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We’re having a Punderdome card game preview party!

This could be in your hands sooner than June 21.
This could be in your hands sooner than June 21.

It’s been a few months since we first announced the arrival of a take-home Punderdome card game for friends and family, but few have laid their eyes (or hands) on the game since then. It’s currently only available for pre-sale through Amazon, and won’t be released to the public until June 21. That’s a whole month from now. What’s an eager party punster to do?

Brokelyn’s got you covered. We happen to love puns a lot, too — so much, in fact, that we’ve partnered up with folks at Penguin Random House to host a an exclusive sneak preview of the Punderdome home card game! In party form, of course.

In just two weeks time, join us at Halyards Bar (406 Third Ave.) at 8pm for a FREE night of punning, pints and live performances. We’ll have a panel discussion on the art of the pun featuring some of New York’s most esteemed punsters including Jerzy Gwiazdowski, this year’s O. Henry Pun-Off champion; Washington Post columnist, Alex Petri; and John Pollack, author of The Pun Also RisesWe’ll have a special musical performance by one half of Punderdome’s official twin parodists. And best of all, there’ll be a tournament-style competition of the Punderdome card game, where all you pun-lovers will have the chance to win your very own copy, no waiting required! You can probably even get it signed by Jo Firestone herself (she’ll be there). 

Halyards is offering up some drink specials, groan-worthy names TBD. The festivities start at 8pm, but show up early to sign up for the tournament! If you’re not looking to compete but you’d still like to try your hand at punning, we’ll have a few games out for noncompetitive gameplay. Make some great new dorky friends, why don’t you?

FYI, the editors of this blog — both ertswhile Punderdome champs — have gotten the chance to play this card game. And while it’s nothing like the experience of “doing the ‘Dome” live in Brooklyn once a month, we can say it’s definitely the next best thing.

RSVP on Facebook and we’ll see you on the 31st.

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