Price Killa: Get a Groupon for the A$AP Rocky/Wiz Khalifa show

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Long live A$AP

So you want to catch the Under the Influence tour at Jones Beach because you really like A$AP Rocky or Wiz Khalifa. And yet you might be used to paying Cameo Gallery prices and not big stadium prices. Sounds like you’ve got some fuckin’ problems. But wait, check this out: you can get a Groupon for the show for just $15.

Yep, that’s right, $15 to see the hip hop’s blunted out dynamic duo get wild for the night on the water in Jones Beach. Your seats will be pretty far back in the mezzanine, but that’s just as well: keeps you far from the A$AP mob if they decide to dive into the crowd with flying fists of doom again. Just remember guys, the show contains coarse languages and drug references. And like, a cumulus cloud worth of weed smoke.

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