Most popular woman on OKCupid just as miserable on there as you are

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Don’t worry, apparently looking this good doesn’t make dating any easier. So there’s hope for you yet! via xoJane

If you’ve spent a bunch of time on OKCupid wondering why no one will love you, you’re probably not alone. Everyone, if people not on OKCupid wonders this from time to time, or all the time. The thing is though, while you’re fixing a way to make your profile perfect and have the date offers come pouring in, New York City resident and “most popular woman on OKCupid” Lauren Urasek took to the virtual pages of xoJane to break some news to us: being the most popular woman on the site doesn’t guarantee you actually get decent dates out of it.

In her “It Happened to Me,” Urasek doesn’t seem too broken up about the whole lack of sane/compelling dating options that have crossed her path, but when you see a passage like this one:

Out of the dates I have gone on, I’ve met guys that tried to kiss me within 10 minutes of meeting me, lied about their height and/or weight in their profile and propositioned me with monetary offers for sex. There was also the guy that treated me like a prospective employee for his non-existent company of love. You could tell he wanted to force a relationship so bad, and it was so very sad and pathetic. Instead of just having a normal, flowing conversation he literally told me, “OK, let’s play a game. You ask a question, then I ask a question.”

Then there was that time I thought the date was going rather well until the dreamy, intelligent brunet decided to chug five glasses of whiskey in a half hour, and I was then confronted by a drunk, stumbling, stupid brunet.

and you realize that dating is a nightmare no matter how many people are throwing themselves at you.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should just give up on dating, because there very well could be some otherwise normal person out there for you who won’t be turned into a nervous stuttering wreck because you’re painfully average, unlike Urasek. On the other hand, we always think it’s a good time to give yourself over to The Void, so if her story is the thing that sends you hurtling towards it, that’s fine too.

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  1. FC: Urasek is the most popular straight woman in New York City using OKCupid–not the most popular person on the site.

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