Thrifting is love at Recycle-A-Bicycle. via Facebook

It seems only appropriate that August 15, along with being my mother’s birthday (once affectionately nicknamed the Coupon Queen by her loving family) is also National Thrift Store Day. While those of you with summer Fridays may be too fancy to get excited about 15-50% off donated, pre-used clothing and housewares, but for the rest of us this is cause for citywide celebration.

This awesome map by ReuseNYC shows the 57 nonprofit thrift stores (so like, not Beacon’s Closet) offering special deals for the big day. Not only are you getting cool new-ish stuff at a discount, you’re helping a good cause! And the environment.

Participating stores include Brooklyn’s Salvation Army and Goodwill shops, Brooklyn Heights’ Housing Works, and DUMBO’s Recycle-A-Bicycle is offering 15% off all parts and accessories.

Get a head start on your fall wardrobe or re-decorate your apartment and see what you can do with only twenty dollars in your pocket to celebrate National Thrift Store Day.

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