Political job alert: new mystery campaign seeks canvassers

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Gotta be this dude, right?

Sitting around without a job, but full of inspiration, naivety, do-gooderism and other pathologies of the politically minded? Well you’re in luck. A mystery campaign ::coughSPITZERcough:: has entered the fray and is asking people to help furiously collect signatures to get its candidate ballot access. Don’t sit around thinking about it though: the canvassing ends on Thursday.

If you’ve got time to kill, you’re a registered Democrat and don’t mind stopping New Yorkers on the street to try to collect signatures from them (aren’t you brave), you can shoot a reply to the Craigslist ad with a resume attached. If you get hired, you get $12/hour and the frustration that comes along with people walking by you as you say “Hi, excuse me, do you have a moment?”

Now, we are just speculating about who the candidate is, but given that he just announced he’d be entering the comptroller’s race and needs to get 3,750 signatures to get on the Democratic primary ballot by Thursday, it’s gotta be late entrant and disconcerting Max Headroom lookalike Eliot Spitzer. And sure he was a horrible governor, but he was a reliably entertaining and anti-bankster attorney general, so at the very least, he probably deserves the chance to run for comptroller.

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