Pay $49 for $100 worth of tattooing thanks to a tattoo parlor Groupon

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Well, it may end up regrettable, but at least it’ll be cheap

So you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo, but you want to do it your way and not just pick something off a flash sheet. First, a tattoo, really? What would your mother think? Anyway, once you get past that part, use this Groupon that gets you $100 worth of credit at East Village tattoo parlor Addiction NYC (27 Saint Marks Place) for just $49. Because that stupid Banksy tattoo should at least be cheap.

The Groupon actually gives you three options. You can do the $49 for $100 of credit, or you can get an hour of tattoo services for $69 or two hours for $129. Which one you’ll choose is up to you, but definitely be sure to tip your artist well, because it’s not like they won’t know you’re saving money with this.

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